IT Training Supervisor

Technology Specialist – Java Back-End Application Development – Red Hat System Administration

Fady has been working as an Instructor and a Teaching Assistant in Computer Engineering and Science Departments for different Universities and Academies, since 06, inside and outside Egypt, till he joined our IT Training Team 2013.

With almost 14+ years and over 18000+ Training hrs, he has experience delivering training in traditional classroom settings as well as virtual and online training.

Fady’s technical background and experience allows him to deliver complex information in a clear, concise, and easily understandable way to ensure that students retain the skills and knowledge that is vital to their post-class success. He brings years of technical expertise, a casual style, and enthusiasm with him to every assignment. Whether working with new learners or experienced professionals, he strives to create a safe, clean and collaborative learning environment.

In addition, he is required to assess current training and development systems, develop new training programs, implement measurement tools, provide feedback and to conduct research to identify specific staff training needs as his Training Supervisor position role.


  • Java Back-End Application Development
  • Red Hat System Administration


  • Red Hat System Adminstration
  • Oracle Java Programming
  • C/C++ Languages
  • CSS / HTML
  • Linux Security
  • Java EE Technologies [JSF, JDBC, Servlets, JSP]
  • Hibernate Framework
  • MySQL Database
  • Spring Framework
  • JavaFX

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